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The Blacksmith
Basic introduction workshop
Min. age 10 years old
Learn about the blacksmith shop, operate the bellows, heat metal in the forge, then forge a small project to take home. 
Time required 2 hrs.
$100.00 per participant

Branding Iron Workshop
Min. age 10 years old.
Design and forge your own Branding iron.
Time required 2 hrs.

Broom Casting Workshop
Min. age 12 years old
Watch as molten brass or copper is 
poured into wetted straw broom bristles 
a get to find the beautyof shapes
 the copper creates as it cools in the bristles. Take these treasures home 
with you to create some of the
 most beautiful copper jewelry you 
will wear with the memories of this 
great workshop!
Time required 2 hrs.

Knife Forging Workshop
Min age 10 years old
Forge a real hunting knife with the blacksmith! 
From forging to finishing will be covered in this workshop.
No skills, no problem!
Michael will only let you do what you are comfortable doing and he will do the rest.
1/2 hour break for a light lunch we provide and 
get a chance to chat with the blacksmith! 
Time required 6-8 hours
$250.00 per participant.

Note: Knife blade can be no longer 
than 6" because of time needed for the workshop!

Basic introduction workshop
Knife forging workshop
Branding iron workshop
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